Background :

SYHCMHC strongly believes that if in a Community or Society in general, proper awareness is created about the various factors that ultimately predispose to lifestyle diseases and the right treatment for the same, a lot of lives can be saved. This awareness about preventive practices if combined by the time, energy and enthusiasm of few volunteering individuals from the community can make a major impact on the overall well being of the community or society at large.

Goal :

To facilitate a healthcare service that helps community living healthier and creating an atmosphere of mutual harmony through promotion of better lifestyle modification strategies as well as active involvement of the members through various community bonding exercises


SYHCMHC will identify various community living locations in the city where there is a need to create awareness about the various health related risks and preventive approach of providing healthcare services. The rationale behind this activity is to create a healthy environment in the community through awareness, detection and treatment and at the same time inculcating a feeling of brotherhood and harmony through community participation and volunteering.

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