Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke, is the largest cause of mortality in the world, and the majority of deaths occur in low and middle-income countries such as India . These diseases are epidemic in urban locations of these countries and are rapidly increasing in rural areas as well. With demographic shifts, epidemiological transition and increasing urbanization associated with increase in CVD risk factors and a lack of policy directives aimed at chronic disease control, CVDs are poised to accelerate further.

To curb this rising epidemic of lifestyle diseases, AACAAR HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD provides wellness strategies/programs for Corporates as well as Communities across various locations. A wellness strategy is a long-term effort, combining both health-promotion and health related activities designed to facilitate positive lifestyle changes in Young Indians.

Shape My Heart Health Club

The two most effective and target oriented projects of AACAAR include -

  1. Shape Your Heart Community Health Club (SYHCMHC)
  2. Shape Your Heart Corporate Health Club (SYHCRHC)