Coronary Artery Calcium Score / Calcium Heart Scan for Early Detection of atherosclerosis & Primary Prevention of Heart Attacks

Most people know that diabetes, high blood pressure & deranged cholesterol contribute to your risk of a heart attack. Knowing your cholesterol, sugar levels and blood pressure is an important step in reducing your risk. However, 50% of people who have heart attacks don’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure or diabetes. There are other important factors that can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, although effective risk-lowering therapies exist, Heart attacks remain all too common first manifestations of coronary atherosclerosis. These attacks often occur in patients who are not receiving the benefits of preventive therapies of proven efficacy because their arterial disease was unrecognized (asymptomatic) and/or they had been misclassified by conventional risk factors and assigned a treatment goal at odds with their actual burden of atherosclerosis.

The American Heart Association recommends that assessment of cardiovascular risk begin at age 20 years, to be repeated at regular intervals. In contrast to cancer, early detection of CVD by screening with the best available technology is not followed, despite the fact 10 times more lives are lost to cardiovascular diseases as against all cancers combined together.

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