With the rising incidence of young Heart Attacks our concern is not only the high burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), but also the effects of these diseases on the productive workforce. Heart attacks that manifests at a younger age can have devastating consequences for an individual, the family, and society. Prevention of these deaths in young people is our moral responsibility.

Aacaar Healthcare has devised a strategy involving prevention of CVDs long before their onset. The strategy will prove to be more cost-effective than providing interventions at a stage when the disease is well established. We aim to reverse the rising trends in CAD with particular emphasis on prevalence of premature CAD and the associated risk factors in young Indians.

We initiate targeted action strategies to reduce the risk to combat this major killer & slow the momentum of CVD in country, particularly among the working-age population with promotion of diet and physical activity, generation of awareness among both sexes & contribute to development of guidelines for control of risk factors.


To transform India into a Healthy Nation by creating a Healthy Environment with Healthy People, Healthy Families, Healthy Communities, Healthy Workplaces & Healthy Organisations.


To prevent, detect, cure and eradicate heart centric lifestyle diseases.


  • Awareness about the major risk factors that predispose to Lifestyle Diseases.
  • Ascertain Benchmark Preventive Cardiology Practices in India by year 2020.
  • Creating “Shape Your Heart Health Clubs” in major locations of the country.
  • Arobust and comprehensive treatment plan for heart centric lifestyle diseases.
  • Awareness about use of oil-free cooking for a healthy and heart-risk free living.
  • Rejuvenative and Preventive Programs for non-occurrence of lifestyle diseases.

Our Team

Aacaar Health Care Private Limited was incorporated to address the pressing need to evolve a strategy to combat the growing incidence of most dreadful and killer epidemic of cardiac centric lifestyle diseases. This venture is envisioned by the founders who are professionals from premier medical, engineering and management institutes from India and who truly believe in creating an conducive environment wherein preventive care lies at the frontline. The team is partnering with the best of medical professionals, paramedical professionals, hospitals, and health & wellness centers as well diagnostic centers to ensure its patrons the best of the services at the most competitive rates in a hassle free environment.

If you feel you can contribute in some way to the community by creating awareness about lifestyle diseases, do join us by becoming our HEALTH AMBASSADOR.

Scientific Advisory Committee

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Executive Advisory Committee

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